Earn on binary options? It is real!

Very often people ask a question: "Can I make money on binary options?" The answer to this question is very simple - Yes, you can. Options are the easiest way to make money, and it is the most profitable as well. Revenue can be up to 90% of the investment. However, is everything so simple? Yea and nay! Let’s consider all the main advantages and disadvantages of trading binary options.


  • You can make a profit after 30 seconds of trading because the shortest time of the transaction with FinmaxBO is exactly 30 seconds (from 30 seconds to several months);
  • The minimum deposit is only $10, and the minimum rate is $1;
  • The number of transactions is not limited, so there is no upper threshold of the profit received;
  • The larger the deposit is, the greater the profit from a successful transaction you will get (up to 90% of the investment amount);
  • The simple logic of trading is to determine the price movement for the selected transaction time: either up or down;
  • The maximum amount of loss is equal to the size of the investment;
  • The possibility of obtaining a passive income (without the participation of a trader), you just need to choose a successful trader whose deals will be copied automatically;
  • If the outcome is unfavorable, the transaction can be completed ahead of schedule, returning part of the funds;
  • There is no commission for opening positions;
  • Accruing profits to your account is upon closing the deal immediately;
  • A huge number of assets including super-profitable ones - cryptocurrencies;
  • There is a demo account where you can get a safe experience in trading;
  • The possibility to withdraw your profits at any time and in a convenient way.


  • An inexperienced person clicking on a button haphazardly is likely to lose his investments;
  • For substantial earnings, you need to regularly trade and understand the topic. We have many tools that will help you earn (signals, social radar, strategies, financial news, and analysis) but you need study it;
  • There is a low risk of losing a deal even with a good preparation: sometimes it is difficult to predict the behavior of the financial market;
  • If you focus only on the result of one transaction, then its chance will always be 50% (guess or not). To understand the process, you need to have trading experience, which is achieved only by a long period of trading and a significant number of transactions;

To illustrate the possible earnings on binary options, below is a special calculator that gives you the opportunity to obtain averaged data on the profit gained depending on the amount of investment, the number of trades closed per day (general, not only those that are profitable), the duration of the trading period (per days) and experience / knowledge in trade. By adjusting these indicators according to your plans, you will see a visual representation of the possible profit on the graph.

How to make 1000$ just in 4 transactions

One of the most amazing things about the trading binary options is the ability to generate significant revenue in a very short period. Imagine by putting only $100, you can get $1000. That is equal to 4 successful transactions, and as for time, it takes only one hour. $1000 just in one hour! It is for such a period, on average, the market has about 10 quite strong price fluctuations for earnings. Below is an example of a graph that shows how it works. The condition is a start with an investment of only $100 and the subsequent opening of positions on earned money from previous successfully closed positions. It is easy.

currency pair Downtrend. We are looking for an entry point for trading. Trend ending. Upward trend. We are looking for an entry point for purchasing. lower lower higher higher +80% +80% 100$ Initial deposit 180$ +80$ 324$ +144$ 583$ +259$ 1049$ +466$ 12:42:00 12:45:00
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