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FINMAX trading platform is a leading instrument for binary options trading. It was created using innovative technologies. The platform includes the up-to-date standards in order to meet the trader’s needs. With FINMAX trading platform you can not only make a profit, but get a real pleasure by trading.

You can start using our platform right after your registration and deposit of funds your personal account. In order to execute your first contract you need to complete the following steps:

  • 1Choose the option type. FINMAX offers two types of contracts – High/Low and Above/Below. High/Low options is a classic version where you are to determine if the asset’s price is going up or down relative to the current asset’s price by the expiry time;
  • 2Above/Below options is a variation of High/Low options. Your goal is to determine if the price is going to be above or below the levels set by FINMAX
  • 3Choose the underlying asset. Choose the asset you wish to trade. Our platform offers currency pairs, indices, stocks and commodities. You can choose from a group of assets using a special filter. It makes the search much easier.
  • 4Expiry time. FINMAX offers its own expiry time for each contract. Make your choice from the offered ones.
  • 5Payout. Decide for yourself the amount to invest, and type the amount in the appropriate box. Choose the contract's option. Each contract has two options (that’s why binary options are called “binary”, meaning that there can be two possible outcomes). You have to choose one option to execute a contract.
  • 6Execute a contract. Press the “Trade” button. After all the contract parameters are set you can start trading by pressing the “Trade” button.

Remember that our trading platform is safe and transparent to work with it. Your money is protected. Now, after introduction to all the benefits of FINMAX you can open an account and start trading.

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