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Strategy Bollinger On Steroids - How it Works

Our today’s star Bollinger on steroids is famous for the simplicity and elegance in installation.

The rarely seen 2-way entries is really a ground-breaking idea back to the first time this strategy was introduced. In this article, you will find the guide to apply ollinger on steroids on market and earn.

What is Strategy Bollinger On Steroids?

There are two types of entrances to the market in this strategy. Let's call them, for simplicity - white signals and blue signals (details below). The main rule of the Bollinger on steroids is Bollinger on steroids: white signals are ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT than blue signals.

Installing the machine:

Being invented as an intraday strategy, Bollinger on steroids fit the most with D1 time frame and chart built from the candlesticks. Two Bollinger bands are required: the Blue one (Period 20, Shift 0, Deviation 1) ( it is highly recommended for traders to use Bollinger Bands indicator in the standard trading terminal MetaTrader 4 through Insert / Indicators / Trend / Bollinger Bands), and a White one (Period 20, Shift 0, Deviation 1.5)

White trading signals to enter the market:

This original method from which this strategy developed, was based on whiteb trading signals. The white signal appears at the moment when the price touches the white strip of the Bollinger indicator and then closes in the channel.

Let's look at this principle in the figure:

Strategy Bollinger On Steroids - How it Works

  1. Green arrows: These green arrows indicate when we will make a deal to buy. Apparently, in these cases, the price reached the white line, after which the trading position was opened for purchase when the candle was closed inside the channel;
  2. Red arrows: These red arrows indicate a deal for sale. As it can be seen from the figure, in all cases the price touched the upper white Bollinger line, after which it was still closed not outside the channel.

Blue trading signals to enter the market:

The blue trading signals are the steroid part of this strategy. Blue trading signals are generated at the moment when the price is fluctuating within the channel, after which it goes beyond the blue line of the Bollinger channel.

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Let's see how this works:

Strategy Bollinger On Steroids - How it Works

  1. 1 green arrow: The price was inside the channel, after which it struck the blue Bollinger line up. Be sure to note that it did not reach the white Bollinger line, ie. There was no white signal. This is a trading signal for opening a long trading position (to buy);
  2. 2 red arrows: The price left the channel and crossed the blue Bollinger line down.

Important rules when applying this strategy:

  • It is recommended to open only one position at a time;
  • Enter the market only when the confirmation candle is totally closed;
  • All signals must be received within one trading day;
  • The maximum risk for each transaction shouldn’t be more than 2% of your total balance.

Pros and cons of the strategy


  • Uses popular built-in indicators;
  • Easy to install and track;
  • Provides a detailed guide on buy and sell conditions.


  • Requires patience and good emotion control.


Bollinger on steroids is a magnificent technical strategy with visual, quality indicators to high-probability entries. Coming with the D1 time interval, this strategy is incredibly suitable for intraday traders. Attached with many advantages and a considerable return, it is totally worth a try on this strategy and makes it your long-term gold mine. Remember: keep your head on the ground and your money even lower, as there’s no guarantee for absolute success in this game.

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