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Currency Market Review
Last week ended with the growth of the Japanese currency. This is due to the instability in the Japanese economy, as well as to speech of Janet Yellen, who, in fact, announced the postponement of the next rate increase in the US. In addition, the Chair of FRB warns of a possible deterioration of indicators in the first quarter of 2016.

In turn, the Minister of Finance of Japan noted that the Central Bank of the country is willing to resort to measures on prevention of the rate increase of the national currency if necessary.

As for the forecasts, the leading agencies believe that if the situation remains the same, Japan's central bank may turn to further easing.

The Australian dollar, in turn, recovered at the end of the week after the speech of the RBA's Governor Glenn Stevens. He also noted that the Australian economy is recovering and unemployment is gradually decreasing. Stevens also stressed that his institution is ready to consider easing monetary policy if necessary. But at the moment, this possibility is not considered.

At a time when the American dollar falls, the European currency is doing quite well. However, in recent days, it is losing ground. As for the British pound, on the contrary, it tries to gradually restore its position.

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