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How to drastically carry out decisions

If we compare the number of decisions we made with the number implemented, it’s not difficult to realize that the second is far fewer. Nowadays, the bias in favor of decisions taken but abdicated is increasing, and we decided to analyze the reason for the changes. Let’s get started.

A recent survey exposed that employees who are working for a company extremely admire professional freelancers. And, the popular question is: how would they possibly motivate themselves to work without bosses who force them? Technically, the decision coming from someone who has higher authority is easier to be executed than the one you take yourself. In order to change that, you need to improve your authority by raising the self-sufficiency. Being responsible for your own life plays an important role in the process of implementing decisions.

Let’s assume that everything in this world becomes personal: interest, motivation, confidence, process, and result, then people will not hesitate to see you change your jobs, quit smoking or continue to study. You yourself make these decisions because you feel they are needful.

Now, let’s look into yourself. Given you succumbing to your laziness, perhaps you don’t know a patent fact that the laziness overtakes almost all people, including people whose achievements you admire and whom you consider a model of success.The only therapy to overwhelm the laziness is meditation. First, the thinking should be ended at the stage of its adoption. After calculating and comprehending the outcomes of a decision, you need to perform it. Once a decision is made, the thinking zone should be closed off. All you need to do is to move forward, otherwise, it will turn into a waste of time.

Secondly, do not wait for the tide of energy. You surely have thought sometimes: “I haven’t gotten the enthusiasm yet, I will wait until I have it". Please eliminate that thinking immediately. Starting to act will deliver the most powerful energy, and it will lift you up from the zero level. Let’s get your own energy from the process and result, create a wave of enthusiasm by yourself instead of waiting for them.

Finally, let’s act in your favor. It’s necessary for you to connect and analyze the major decisions that you have carried out in recent times. You can decide to implement instantaneously, after a short pause, or after a long one. Whichever you choose, please remember to keep moving forward and be consistent in your actions.

Don’t forget that implemented solutions will release new energy. The more you do, the more you gain.

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