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Setting right goals - Affirmation technique. Part 2

24.04.2019, 17:08

The correct version of the formulation of process goal setting in trading

Each person individually decides how the goal should sound; the main thing is to perform such an action correctly so that future results satisfy today's idea of ​​the effect! For example, if you made the final decision to gain financial independence through trading, then one of the options for correctly setting a goal might be as follows:

“I make money by trading on the foreign exchange and stock market, entering into high-yield transactions through the sale of financial instruments.”

Next, you need to hold several additional symbols! In a brief and clear perspective, describe your subconscious equivalent of a monetary concept. This conscious part of the brain clearly understands the role, function and history of money. At the unconscious level, any process setting goals that relate to finance, do not reach, in the most real sense of the word.

Who invented such units for the purchase of necessary goods? That's right, people! Then why did you decide that your subconscious is obliged to take these conclusions as a due measure? We remind once again, learn to set goals correctly so that the conscious and unconscious parts of the brain perceive desires and needs in one perspective.

In fact, the life course of each person consists of two fundamental criteria:

On the one hand, we are always concerned with intentions that differ from each other in their scale.
On the other hand, there are specific time frames, with their help it is possible to determine how much valuable resources will be needed to see positive results from the laid long-term path.

Examples from real life should support any theoretical data. That increases the sensitivity on a subconscious level. Consciousness gives an analogy from everyday activities, thus fixing the result of a future outcome.

For example, now you read the practical exchange publication and go to the kitchen to pour an invigorating tea or some coffee, the real intention appeared before your eyes, which is determined by a short-term time interval. Now carefully track the causal relationships between the goal and the result. As a rule, in the process of formulating this intention, you cannot even think that the target may remain unfulfilled. Doubts are reduced to zero, it turns out funny, is not it?

Where do problems and life difficulties come from?

What criteria make an absolute separation between successful stockbrokers and traders who systematically lose money? Remember that any difficulties, troubles and problems that very often occur in the path of a person are the results of the following actions:

First of all, the process setting goals is entirely wrong, or, as mentioned above, the intentions are incorrectly marked.
Secondly, they are always plagued by vague doubts: will it be possible to realise the goals set, in principle, by setting in place rigid rules, a flexible timeframe.

It is particularly challenging to implement a drawn-up plan if we have to go through life events that will be repeated, and earlier we made some steps in this direction, which were crowned with failure. At the level of rational thinking, we are supposedly thrown back to the previous step, excluding any possibility of using workarounds.

If you drop even more profound, then incredible things will become evident to you, as a rule, they are difficult to detect with the naked eye, considering the position from a bird's-eye view. Almost every time an active form of the next goal occurs, it conflicts with previous intentions. This happens even if you consciously forgot about the existence of past purposes that were created not as deliberately as the present plans. This leads to quite a logical conclusion, which is usually interpreted as an indisputable axiom. In the case of the creation of two or more intentions that, within the framework of the existing conditions, rigidly contradict each other, the goal, which initially has more pronounced energy, will be translated into reality.

An example based on the idea of ​​gaining financial independence through speculative operations on stock exchanges!

Your direct goal is to learn how to get a regular income, which is increasing thanks to trading in both necessary assets and derivatives at financial sites exponentially. As a rule, trading refers to a type of business in which the results obtained can be ten times greater than the efforts that were needed to achieve a given cash equivalent.

However, remember which individual patterns are grafted on every person from early childhood? To get a reward for this, you need:

  • First, spend a lot of time learning;
  • Secondly, similar costs will be needed for the development of practice;
  • Thirdly, you need to work 24/7 to receive cash benefits.

Immediately, a contradiction emerges, which can be voiced as follows: “it is impossible to achieve a quick visible result by making efforts that are not equivalent to the income received”. Here it is essential to take into account the fact that the original conviction on a temporary equivalent was implemented much earlier and acts longer than the second goal.

Thus, its energy is more influential, which means that the previously established templates are implemented in the first place. When working directly with process goals and intentions, we strongly recommend being more attentive. As you can see, everything is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. Traditional positive thinking and dreams are not enough; sometimes even actions become erroneous or bring insufficient results about the effort expended.

What is the technique of the Affirmations silent on?

Well, let's get down to the detailed study of technology with a rather unusual name for affirmation? The main thing is not to confuse two related words; the second sounds like an affirmation; this technique is intended to create different formulations with a positive bias. For example: “I am the owner of incredible wealth, I have excellent health, I am successful in undertaking any complexity. Such a list can be continued indefinitely; we hope you have grasped the basics of the described system.”

The saddest thing is that 99% of people fundamentally do not believe their formulations, naturally, and the result is zero or so insignificant that it causes a state of deep depression. It is difficult to understand in the realistic possession of wealth if you have a job with a salary from 500 to 1000 dollars.

Remember the success story of any person who has achieved incredible success in a predetermined activity: no doubt or despair, only deep faith in achieving the goal. At the same time, the undertakings were made from the zero levels, where there were no direct prerequisites for wealth. Now you understand that trading is not an exception to the rule!

Practical application of the affirmation technique

So, first of all, you need to learn one of the most important rules - how to formulate questions? This process for current events should be built in the past tense. Consider the reasons that demonstrate how you were able to overcome your previous problems.

As a rule, any situation must ultimately be resolved; for each question posed, an objective answer must be found. So, the human brain is unique: if there is a problem, both the conscious and subconscious parts will look for the right way out of the situation until the issue is completely resolved.

Also, each subsequent question is asked not in the present, but in the past tense, thanks to this, even the slightest doubt is removed that the problem existed in the past and was solved long ago. Trading, to a greater extent, depends on the emotional state of the person, any signs of psychological enemies: fear, greed, hope are unresolved problems. If you consciously push the unconscious part of the brain to solve the problem, soon the positive expectation will begin to improve exponentially.

Often, both beginners and experienced traders see the top of the problem, but they cannot appreciate the full scope of the unsolved problem. An analogy can be made with an iceberg. As a rule, only a small part of the full hidden potential of an ice block is accessible to a gaze. If you want to destroy the stereotyped notions and internal fears, always, first of all, pull the roots, so as not to get your mind into a mental trap. Naturally, from the practical point of view, it is more difficult to implement all of the above than it seems with detailed knowledge of the theory.

Your task is to present the past tense question as clearly, transparently, and briefly as possible. The subconscious will generate the optimal response, and the mission will be solved quickly in the best option. Do not forget to betray the problem of materialism. Immediately the question arises: how to do it? Write down all the items on the sheet, then read the issues and answer the previously unsolvable mental traps. Ensure that the following criteria are met which characterise the perfect answer:

Try to respond as adequately as possible, providing several solutions to the problem. The subconscious will track all the causal relationships, picking up the ideal ratio of performance and solvability of this issue.
At the same time try, as in formulating the problem, to observe clarity and transparency so that the answers do not show ambiguity.

You think quite correctly because in the exercise described it is difficult to trace the logical chain and patterns. It is practically impossible to grasp the mechanism of action of the subconscious, but such a reason is not an obstacle that prohibits the use of such remarkable capabilities of the unconscious part of the brain.

For example, almost 95% of the world's population does not even have the slightest idea of ​​how the World Wide Web functions. People do not consider the mechanism of work. Everyone is interested in the final result in the form of a resolved problem or the information received. Similarly, use the hidden capabilities of the brain, why to go into the process, the main thing is to get to the goal sooner or later, having received answers to all unresolved questions.

So, the promised affirmations:

  • How did you stop changing the set of financial instruments used for trading?
  • What steps were taken to stop breaking the rules of the algorithm and the iron discipline once and for all?
  • Thanks to what set of actions did you stop overtrading and holding open positions, with a predetermined negative expectation?
  • What led to the understanding of not leaving early profitable positions, giving a large share of the profits to the market?
  • How did you bother not to overstep the planned risk limit?
  • How did you manage to overcome greed, which forced to pass signals for entry points provided by the rules of the algorithm?
  • What influenced your decision to stop opening emotional positions immediately after a series of losing trades?
  • How did you get rid of the feeling of fear that arose whenever an open position did not even intend to move in the direction of a loss limiting order?
  • How did the doubts that plagued all traders leave you before buying or selling a base asset with derivatives?

In conclusion of our article, we want to give you a useful instruction that will allow you not to repeat a common mistake in the process of setting goals. When the formation of intentions takes place, do not try to open up dialogues on the subject of an individual goal, exclude any discussion of your affirmations. Such a secret must be kept until the process of achieving the goal becomes inevitable.

Setting right goals - Affirmation technique. Part 2

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