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Setting right goals in trading - Affirmation Technique

Goal-setting process is integral to success in any business and trading is not an exception. Financial independence and development speed will depend on your real image of the start- and end-point. If you come into the market for a long time, then you should learn how to manage your dreams!

Trading in the financial markets is one of the most fascinating and lucrative types of business, and it obtains a unique position among a considerable number of different professions. Everyone wants to become a part of the financial world, although not everyone can set the right goal. The vast majority of novice speculators demonstrates a position of positive thinking. Usually, such a view suggests inactivity as it would be great to gather skills of a guru trader without spending valuable recourses such as time and money.

Get a position of positive thinking instead of right Goal Setting?

The described position is not only related to financial markets, but clear outlines of positive expectation are also clearly visible in any form. Every person has a dream to gain happiness, get a house, dream-car, beautiful body and other status markers. Although in reality, people do not take actions necessary to get all that, or attempts are so weak that they can’t bring any visible result.

You have probably guessed that this article is related to the psychology of trading and is dedicated to such an important and little discussed topic among traders as the correct set of goals — you re confident that you have determined your intentions related to trading on primary and derivative instruments. You’re entirely optimistic that even experienced traders set a wrong tone of actions and consider surrounding events subjectively.

Technical tools and traders’ ability to find the right entry and exit points on charts play an important role; discovering big market players’ plans. Trading strategy and algorithm are links of one chain, providing a maximum efficiency when working together complementing each other in difficult market conditions. However, if you are knowingly moving in inversely proportional motion, then you will not see a visible result and advance the result in a geometric progression. Such is the reality; to get the desired effect, you need not just to become the owner of the best tools, it is much more important not to deviate from the goal.

For example, take any modern warship developed based on innovative technologies, the creation of which worked the best designers in the world. Regardless of the combat configuration and power of the vessel, if during a storm to sail against the current, sooner or later the waves sink the cruiser. A similar analogy can be safely transferred to trading, let you use the strategy of the market gurus, if you initially move along an endless path, with a probability of 99% you will not be able to achieve your goal.

Key moments to watch first when setting goals?

Thanks to the World Wide Web, every trader can find different techniques and options regarding the detailed formulation of goals. Here it is necessary to observe special vigilance and caution because in most cases an excessive flow of information creates a so-called state - the problem of choice.

It is challenging to focus on essential things when all information sources carry a deep understanding. The choice begins to depress the mind of the trader, mental traps arise, and you move in a closed circle. Common situation? You must admit that sometimes you even encounter difficulties before choosing literature for reading about financial markets.

At the moment, a great many books on technical, fundamental analysis and psychology have been published. Everywhere you can read the recommendations, and positive reviews about the authors and publications found. Also, the situation is aggravated if the trader knows English thoroughly, then the range of literature choices expands to infinity. How to disassemble and pick up the main points in the stock game and the technique of process goal setting?

We strongly recommend to pay attention to the following points in the first place, which are the most important for the trader to set goals correctly:

So, regardless of the degree of complexity of the goal, its setting should be strictly in a positive format. Discard any doubts, the expression "but suddenly it won't work out" and other subjective concepts. Come out, to reach the goal or not; this is a matter of secondary nature. Now it is much more important to have the right attitude, which will speed up the development process and increase the enthusiasm to move towards the intended result. Nothing terrible will happen if you do not immediately manage to conquer the summit. The main thing is the right positive attitude, which gives a sense of confidence and helps to discard unnecessary doubts.

The second, no less critical rule, which, for unknown reasons, 95% of traders neglect, reads as follows: “The goal must have maximum clarity and transparency.” In short form with clear prioritisation, ease the tasks. In the future, there should be no confusion and misunderstanding of your plan. As a rule, this phenomenon is a pattern that happens all the time and next to beginner and experienced traders. To succeed, it is necessary to perform the right actions initially, correctly planning future achievements.

Get rid of the harmful habit of using objection particles such as “not” and “without” in the realisation of the goals! If you can control the mind and logically understand that the “no” turn literally does not mean a ban on the intended action, the subconscious mind, in turn, takes any thoughts and assumptions literally. When registering goals, be extremely careful when using any negatives. Often it is this reason that leads to the inversely proportional result that you hoped to get at the initial planning stage.

For clarity of the preceding, let us consider a practical example of exchange activities. What is the most common phrase used as a useful recommendation for young speculators:

Professionals of the market immediately set you up that trading refers to this type of activity where the results in the form of cash remuneration do not come directly. Your primary goal at the initial stage will learn “not to lose”. Immediately note how positive intent and instruction are presented.

We want to assure you that if you put this phrase “I want to learn not to lose” into the subconscious mind, in reality, everything will happen with accuracy and vice versa. With a similar goal setting, it’s unbelievable, but the fact is, any of your actions will sooner or later be guaranteed to lead to losses.

You understand in what way a logical chain is built up between the causal links of conscious thinking and the unconscious embodiment of the statements made into objective reality. The edge is too thin, it is necessary to formulate the goal incorrectly, and the whole process of work will begin to move in the deliberately wrong direction.

Your subjective judgments about the market do not affect the objective reality

It is difficult to believe in the conclusions made, but our patterns do not affect objective reality. Regardless of whether or not the trader believes in the axioms described above, this does not stop their work. You can add even more than efficiency increases exponentially.

For example, some players believe that the levels of support and resistance are false values, do not carry the semantic load. The price does not respond to these limit barriers, and generally, trading is purely creative work. Such conclusions are doomed to the stockbrokers to failure! Why? It's simple if they question the current laws of the market; these rules begin to work against the applied trading strategies. The situation is aggravated even more, of course, deep drawdowns in trading capital begin.

How to set right goals in trading?

If you are a beginner or an experienced speculator who cannot systematise profitability and regularly balances in a small minus, to change the situation, you need to change your patterns urgently. To replace the outdated “do not lose” position, we strongly recommend changing this negative statement to the goal “I want to learn how to trade”!

As a rule, this objective assessment assumes the execution of an action, and a clear and pronounced result is not described. The second half of traders think in such categories, of course, the absence of a particle “does not” speak of positive attitudes in the subconscious of such an exchange figure. However, the model is not thorough and has significant flaws. There is no certainty. As a result, the desire to learn how to trade is full of uncertainty, although the flow occurs in a more objective sense.

What actions will you take against the background of the process goal setting - learning how to trade in financial markets? Unbeknownst to you, you immerse yourself in the trade process. Simply put, these speculators are fascinated by the following points:

The endless search for new systems begins. Each time there is a desire to try the next strategy to ensure the effectiveness of the current algorithm. Such processes are endless and drive the trader into a mental trap, from which it is much harder to get out than to enter the labyrinth of eternal search.
Remember, as mentioned earlier, diversity in most cases depresses your both conscious and subconscious parts of the brain. Always try to save one of the most critical resources of each person called time. Calm down and stop surfing the World Wide Web in search of the magic Grail. First of all, you need to focus on the result, discarding unnecessary steps that take time and confuse focus.

In addition, you are fully immersed in the study: indicators, trading robots, the endless switching of the timeframe will lead to a deliberately negative expectation. Why is such a categorical statement made? The more a trader is sprayed on the performance of varied tasks, the worse the result will be!

Determine the level of your capabilities and learn how to manage time. Here, too, much depends on how correctly goal setting is made. You see how it turns out if you start to understand in depth, 90% of traders do not prepare the right foundation for building up against building blocks of knowledge for maximum development of trading skills.

Setting right goals in trading - Affirmation Technique

Why is it necessary to learn to control and properly dispose of thoughts?

Many gurus of the stock game and other successful speculators who systematically earn price fluctuations of primary assets with derivatives, strongly recommend to forget about the existence of the resulting particles, which have contrary objections: “without” and “not”!

This rule applies to conversations, correspondences, keeping a diary and even thoughts. You correctly understand the essence of everything that is happening, at the level of logical consciousness you need to turn on a filter. With its help, it is required to attract not just confident, but well-formed reasoning from the process of setting goals.

In the future, you will appreciate the fruits of the work done! From this point on, the correct generation of thoughts should become the norm. Otherwise, trading results will not be happy soon. If success in the stock exchange business depended purely on the speculator's ability to use technical tools, then the statistics would show the opposite trend: 95% of stock exchange participants would consistently take profits from the market. Naturally, the financial sites would close against the background of massive cash outflow.

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