› Facebook launches own dating service

Facebook launches own dating service

An own dating service appeared in the range of Facebook applications. The social media giant decided to cancel the cooperation with Tider system which has been used by the popular application.

According to mobile platforms expert James Manchun’s words, developers are going to create a service with personal unique functionality which will be oriented to a personal serious relationship.

To be noticed, Facebook had announced an own dating service in Spring 2018. The head of the company Mark Zuckerberg had stated that time about this application would allow the social network users to choose serious relationship candidates, ‘but not just some intrigues’.

Mark Zuckerberg
Source: CNBC.com

American independent development specialist Jane Wong who works on new Facebook code research published Facebook Dating app screenshots in her Twitter.

The restrictions are planned to be tight - the service will not be available for Facebook users who have an unfree profile status.

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