› A dangerous vulnerability has been discovered in WhatsApp

A dangerous vulnerability has been discovered in WhatsApp

Check Point Research specialists have discovered a vulnerability in WhatsApp which could be used by intruders to intercept messages and change the content. This breach in the service’s security system allows hackers to manipulate messages in personal users’ correspondence and in group chats as well. Such an opportunity appears due to the vulnerability in instruments for data synchronization between mobile and web WhatsApp versions.

Source: AKKet

Analysts point to several ways of chat penetration. For instance, with the ‘quote’ function in a group chat, it is possible to change the real sender’s ID to a name of any other user even if he is not related to this communication. THere is also a possibility to send an ‘inbox’ message to any group chat member. This message will be masked as a chat message and the recipient's reply will be shown to all group chat participants.

The specialists have sent the study results to the developer. WhatsApp did not comment the study results officially so far.

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