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Currency market is like war

18.07.2018, 14:43

There are many terms related to war when you listen to the market players speeches. The “war” metaphor comes together with currencies, which can face an attack; traders do need to have “defensive positions”, they always follow some “strategies” and traders “intervene” when they feel that they are “powerful and strong enough”. There are some groups or individuals competing with each other, same as when the currency market is compared to a sport. But in contradiction to a sport, a war is a question of survival but not ambitions. “You don’t have any chance to survive here if you’re weak. You’ll get a punch even from your colleagues, who are sitting right behind you”, - these are words of a trader. The war participants can be wounded or even killed if they are defeated. It’s completely different from the sport comparison of the currency market. “If you want to control the market, you must force them to retreat. You have to wound people, in that case they run away, and the market can be moved if they run. And you have to be very aggressive in that”- some other trader said. The market, as a war, is always characterized by a threat, which is continuously and clearly realized. The exchange trading is the question of life or death. “ There are always people fast enough to get out of this. The best people. The fastest people. And they make money on that. The panic comes and people who’ve got in that trap, they just die.They are just grinded, just crushed.” a trader remarks. The market players think about self-defence terms in this everlasting fight for survival and victory. This is jungle law, where only the most adapted individuals can survive. This stable sense of urgency, which is created by the market like war, forces people to forget about some the moral rules used in a daily life. These are “dirty games”

Source: The Hill

The market participants can use any weapons they might have when it comes to the market like war. They can use any possible tactics, which could be seen as promising. One of the traders has n idea about the best time choice preparing for a currency ‘attack” : “I’m throwing my hand grenades to your shelter, having the cold and focused mind. That’s exactly the way it should be done… Why do you think soldiers usually start a sudden attack at 4 AM?” Some of the market players are involved in this activity personally and on continuous basis, fighting for their lives at any given moment. The environment of this activity is cruel and dangerous. The decisive personal abilities and skills are like strength, bravery and fearless. “This is a cruel world. It’s good for people who are able to hold the punch. If you don’t like this, if you don’t like to fight, just stay away out of this” - a trader’s summary. So the real and stable threat comes together with “market as war” comparison.

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