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Reasons why the foreign exchange market is viewed as a living entity

The currency market as a living entity is a thorough metaphorical representation that ascribes to the market properties that are usually linked to living beings. In contrast to the static and suitable metaphor of the “machine”, the market here is regarded as the vivid and lively organism, living by its regulations. As a living being, the market is “mad,” “too fast,” and “there is no time to think,” traders believe. Likewise, as a living entity, the market responds emotionally to the effect of the environment; for instances, when “news pushes the market into a panic” or when “there were factors on the market that bewildered the market,” according to the trader and financial journalist. The foreign exchange market as a living being also has the ability to speculates and independently clarify events, hence, “then the market comes to its own conclusions” or “thinks in the following way,” as one trader says.

“They regard the market nearly as a living being with which they interact, and which they try to speculate and outwit,” according to one trader about his colleagues in the operating room. Intuition and empathy are essential for the market player when they are trying to comprehend what the market has in mind to forecast its behavior, even when the market seems surreal or irrational. “What market players often think is involved is not trading grounded on how they think the market translates the value of data. The market is viewed as the huge brain of the very stupid person, according to another trader. As the behavior of the foreign exchange market as a living being is not always perceivable in regard to logic, sometimes it is highly tough to discover why the currency markets act the way they behave.” A living being does not operate according to grounded policies, but based on his ever-changing mood, thoughts, and intentions: The behavior of the market is switching day by day,” as one trader says. “The foreign exchange market as a living being manifests various responses depending on who it is dealing with. If the Minister of Health thinks that the dollar price is costly, then possibly the markets will not hurt. But if the finance minister says so, they will listen”, according to another trader. As he believes, feels and responses, market players can socially interact with the market as a living being and thus, make an effort to actively impact it. Then the participant shows the market what their intentions or they can leave the market in the dark.

The viewing of the currency market as a living being operates as the fundamental for two more specific metaphorical interpretation: the market as an animal and the market as a lover. The currency market as an animal- “a huge vigorous creature”- is huge and always hungry. “He is very large and his hunger for information is significantly potent.” Traders, like heroes, must struggle and take hold of this dangerous animal, or, at least, somehow control it.

Source: Animal Planet

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