› Among global crypto funds, the cryptophone from Russia Blockchain Fund came out on top in terms of profitabilty

Among global crypto funds, the cryptophone from Russia Blockchain Fund came out on top in terms of profitabilty

The Russian cryptophone Blockchain Fund came out on top in the rating of global crypto funds by profitability in 2017- the indicator was 5078%.

The agency “I-consulting” carried on analysis of more than 40 crypto-currency funds (both recorded in the territory of the Russian Federation and foreign ones) for searching, identifying and delineating information on the yield for 2017. The search was conveyed both on the websites of the funds themselves and on the database of Russian and foreign media- in total more than 40 thousand sources.

The upshots of the research manifest an interesting fact: in the first five of the cryptophones, the highest yield was in Russian projects.

Kirill Muzhikov remarked on such high yields from Co-founder Blockchain Fund:” We have excellent upshot! The profitability of the Blockchain Fund for 2017 was 5078%. Such high profitability is the result of out competent and professional investment scheme, both in the short, medium and long-term. Apparently, the market itself added a finish touches to such an upbeat result from its rapid development in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2017. Our managers and analysts frequently control trends and movements in the markets and keep their hands on the pulse of the crypto market.”

Furthermore, according to the research figure, funds with profitability indicators that differ from leaders several times. But second place- Alpari CryptA Capital- 1356.79%, but the fund was terminated in October 2017 because of high turbulence of krypton and too risky investments. The third place among the most profitable crypto funds was recognized by Satoshi Fund, its profitability for the past year was 1000%.

Source: Gesellberg

The fourth place in the list was occupied by the BTC’s crypto-currency fund- it manifested a profitability of 569%, and the fifth- One capital-487% of profitability for the past year. The sixth place-crypto fund Crypto 20 (profitability- 452%), and the seventh XAI Fund (profitability- 381%).

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