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How to apply intuition in trading

14.06.2018, 13:07

Market intuition can happen sometimes, such as when the investor feels that he is going to “one leg” with the market or when the investor feels the market. There are several concepts of “intuition in trading “, “intuitive trading’, “psychology of trade” “professional intuition”. Such a feeling cannot always be a success. Sometimes, it occurs in the way that the investor does the analysis of the chart, and the investor understands, and all the signals, and seemingly, speak of what he needs to open the option. But the investor doesn’t do so, the inner feeling says that this transaction could be unprofitable. By closing, the investor sees that they were all correct.
Intuition is like an inner voice that speaks to us, a kind of subconscious. The acceptance of intuitive decisions happens without any control on the part of consciousness. With the intuitive path, the probability of ludicrous mistakes that happen when making logical decisions when there are the number of options to choose from is declined, and sometimes there is no chance at all.

Unlike tuition, logic is the upshot of the activity of our mind and consciousness. Intuition shouldn’t be tangled with clairvoyance. These are two entirely different concepts.

The freshman who has just enter this business of binary options trading, intuition quietly sleeps… Without intensive experience, knowledge, and practice, they can be bewildered and accept various emotions such as greed, excitement- for the voice intuition. And it is apparent that the investor cannot base entirely on intuition at the very beginning of trading. Otherwise, such trade will spawn absolute loss of money on the account.

As time goes by, a trader may even catch luck. And this can lead to ill-considered actions and wrong decision-making. This is the psychology of trade.

psychology of trade.
Source: Admiral Markets

Psychology of toglovly based on intuitive trading

Intuitive (Discretionary) trading is a type of trading on the stock exchange, which is relied on intuitive decision-making. Intuitive thrives with experience and it may consume a lot of time. Firstly, knowledge is necessitated when the trader wants to have a clear comprehension of the market and assess the market situation.
First of all, the trader needs to comprehend and be professional about the principles of price establishment, to understand at least fundamental techniques and the basics of fundamental and technical c. And the more a trader will wield his knowledge into practice, the better he feels the market.

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