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Chinese manufactures process new operating system, a replacement for Android in case of US sanctions

Chinese manufacturer of smartphones Huawei is elaborating its own operating system (mobile and desktop) to alter Android and Windows, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP) with reference to sources familiar with the company’s plans.

Source : Super Reality

As cited by SCMP, the firm came up with its own OS in 2012. Development gained currency after claims against Chinese telecommunications companies by the US special services, and also because of the effect from the trade war between China and the United States. As noted by the sources of the newspaper, Huawei is processing OS in case of appearance of the worst scenario- the initiation of the prohibition on the usage of the American software in China.

The OS designed by the firm is still volatile and cannot operate as well as Android. The Huawei edition formally did not affirm the work on the operating system and pronounced that they do not have agenda, in the near future, to launch their own platform.

Relations between Beijing and Washington have shown negative signs after US President Donald Trump pronounced a decree in March to apply import duties on steel and aluminum, as well as a memorandum on struggling with China’s “economic aggression.” Beijing, in turn, in early April, introduce a 25-percent duty on 130 American items.

Huawei, in early 2018, had a scheme to penetrate the US market by negotiating an agreement with one of the largest mobile operations in the US AT&T. However, the US company denied selling Chinese smartphones because of intensity from the US Federal Communication Commission: the agency thinks that Huawei is coordinating with Chinese special services.

US intelligence agencies also do not propose the use of smartphones from a Chinese manufacturer. The FBI, CIA, NSA and National Intelligence show concerns that Huawei and the telecommunication company ZTE are serving the PRC government.

In the long-term development, the Chinese phone manufactures should prepare to develop their own foundational software and the supporting eco-platform. The US sanctions on ZTE and Huawei should work as a reminder to Chinese companies that if they want to stand in the world-leader position, they need to grow novel technologies on their own. Otherwise, they will still be mere followers and be at the mercy of suspicious Western forces.

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