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Google discussed the dark sphere of artificial intelligence

The head of Google Sergey Brin, in an annual corporate note, alerted the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI).

Sergey Brin
Source: The Verge

Brin believes that such a powerful tool as AI stir up people to come up with new questions and be more responsible. “How these technologies will impact employment? How do we comprehend what’s going on inside them? How can they manipulate people? Are they safe?”

According to Wired, the second and Brin the founder of Google Larry has already cited AI in corporate annual dispatch. Nevertheless, in a new letter, the publication cites, Brin named the latest accomplishment in this area a renaissance. “The new spring of artificial intelligence is the most dramatic growth of computer technologies in my life,” the entrepreneur cites.

In early April, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, showed worry that AI could turn into an “immortal dictator”, from which no one will get away. History, according to the businessman, knows such dictators as Hitler and Mussolini, but they were mortal, the artificial intellect will elaborate an enduring structure of oppression.

When Google was established in 1998, Brin notes, the machine learning model known as artificial neural networks, formulated in the 1940s and loosely encouraged by studies of the brain, was “a forgotten footnote in computer science.” In today age, this resolution is the ground for the dramatic development in excitement and allocation in AI departure. The letter unspools a partial list of which Alphabet utilizes neural networks, such as operating self-driving cars that can identify objects, translating languages, adding captions to YouTube videos, diagnosing eye disease, and even building another effective neural network.

Brin believes that achievements in computing power have made this feasible. He assumes that the power of the custom AI chip operating inside some Google servers is operated much more efficient than that of the Pentium II chips in Google’s first servers. With a sense of humor, he believes that Google’s quantum chips might, down the road, see dramatic growth over existing computers that may be depicted with the quantity that gave Google its sobriquet, a googol.

Bring hope that the uses for AI can be discovered further by Alphabet and others. Nevertheless, he also admits that the technology embraces feasible downsides.

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