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The secret of a trader's success

As it has been addressed many times, the portion of prosperous traders is rather low when compared with the number of people who try their hand at trading, 5 out of 100 and this is still adorned data, as a matter of fact, the context is more lamentable.

A beginner who just read about stock trading first thinks that he has discovered a gold mine, then feels beguiled, blaming everyone and everything for his dilemmas.
However, in reality, why is there always someone who keep getting profits, what is the arcanum of this state of affairs?

Everything has its time.

Most people decide to become traders in the situation which is not the best moments of their life such as when they lose work or when they need money.
Hence, they find themselves in a situation in which they do not have time to study and money is needed yesterday. Quickly familiarized with the trading terminal, they start to trade, while trying to make use of as much as possible leverage. However, they just receive a deposit sink in trading instead of a significant profit.
It is a high time to begin trading when situations do not push the trader in the back, or at least not to apply the type of earning high hopes in the near future.

The tool makes the wizard.

In most contexts, success is attained by traders allocating in their business not only the soul but also money. And it’s not about the trader’s deposit, it’s about the fee of purchasing a fresh computer, books, or paying for training in stock trading.

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Almost any details and information can be seen in free access, but the thing that the trader pay money for is more qualitative and more value. The trader may sooner throw a free download course, then he rejects to participate paid classes on trading on the stock exchange. The fresh laptop is not only more satisfying to work with, but there are fewer failures and downfall, because of which the trader cannot settle the deal on time.

The amount of capital.

In reality, the smaller a trader has money, the more leverage he uses. What, then, is to be amazed if a 100 dollar deposit with a leverage of 1:500 has conflated within a couple of minutes. Traders with an asset of 10,000 dollars and using a shoulder no more than 1:10 earn a steady profit on the market, and many traders incline to trade only with their money.

It is clear that success is hard to achieve in earning more than a couple of percent per month, but the trader comprehends the meaning of this earnings when he has $100,000, and in the bank, at best, at 5% per annum.

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