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GM plans to launch an unmanned car without rudder

General Motors (GM), one of the largest American automakers, has an agenda to launch an automatic unmanned vehicle without a rudder by 2019. This announcement is cited officially on the website of the concern.

The firm inclines to build a string of production of the Cruise AV on the ground of the electric car Chevrolet Bolt.
President of GM Dan Amman illustrated that this is the first car which from the very beginning was designed and developed without several control devices such as steering wheel or accelerator and brake pedals. Instead, the car is equipped with screens as a device for communicating between passengers and vehicle.

Source: wctv.tv

The company has also called the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for removing some requirements from 16 safety standards. The firm explained that some of these standards were not relevant to this vehicle because it didn’t have manual controls.

As cited by Paul Hemmersbaugh, GM’s policy director of autonomous vehicle “Since our vehicle doesn’t have a steering wheel, it is unreasonable to talk about an airbag in a steering wheel. Thus, we put in an airbag that mirrors the right front passenger side and show that it also provides complete safety.” GM is demanding exemptions for 2500 vehicles which is also the maximum number that government will allow for each manufacturer.

The Verge noted that the model of this car is already put in inspection on the streets of San Francisco (California) and Phoenix (Arizona).
In addition to GM, other car companies also develop unmanned vehicles such as Volvo, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, and Volkswagen.
Nevertheless, as a rule, produced and designed cars are not exactly defined as autonomous car and assume the possibility of driver control.

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