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An expert has identified the average lifetime of Apple gadgets

22.03.2018, 12:38

The average duration of use of Apple devices has exceeded four years. This statement is announced by Business Insider with their citing calculations by Asymco analyst Horace Dediu.

In his identifying, Dediu applies the open data of Apple. The analyst deducted from the total number of gadgets sold (2.05 billion) to the number of gadgets used today (1.3 billion). Thus, he discovered that about 750 million devices are out of service. Since the Apple’s hardware witnessed the total sales reaching a mark of 750 million units in the third quarter of 2013, Dediu comes to a conclusion that the average life of the firm’s devices is about 4 years and 3 months.

The collected data, according to Business Insider, shows that consumers change their products less often than the market is transformed. Furthermore, customers of Apple technology are more comfortable with the function of its user rather than that of old smartphones and laptops. Nevertheless, Business Insider does not present that the products from the firm of Cupertino are costlier than those of most competitors.

 iPhone smartphones
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Analyst Asymco calculations take iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets, Mac computers, smart Apple watches and iPod touch players into account.
After a long period of gradual evolution, Apple, in 2017, launched the iPhone X with a special appearance- “frameless” screen. Nevertheless, the performance of sales of the smartphone was more terrible than expected and the firm had to halve the production of this flagship product. According to Bloomberg, in 2017, the firm which was directed by Tim Cook, has a scheme to launch the updated iPhone X, this iPhone X is expected to be the “largest” smartphone that has manufactured so far.

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