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How to overcome indecisiveness

9.03.2018, 17:53

The phrase “Mmm…I’m not quite sure” is acquainted with many people and is stem from the periodical indecisiveness. If the people are not cautious, uncertainty can develop and transform into the permanent problem that duplicates itself. Indecisive is identified when people feel a hint of doubt or worry about potential problems. Hence, to deal with uncertainty, a person needs to believe in the intuition and note that sometimes it’s not what we do, but how we do it. Below solutions will help people to get through indecision.

Both options are fine
Sometimes it appears to us that making the right decision is a matter of life and death. It is commonly thought that one of the options is true and other is wrong. However, this view is delusion in most case. The important thing to keep in mind that is the way people use the option that they chose. For instance, a person needs to opt where to go in the evening. If that person feels positive, he or she will feel comfortable and have fun with any destination. If the person constantly bothers about the reasonableness of the decision, he or she will not enjoy the option, even if that person makes the so-called “right choice”.

Build the self-confidence
Uncertainty frequently stems from lack of self-confidence or hesitance about our abilities. For instance, a person wants to participate a sports team but is hesitant about his or her ability to play well, then that person starts to think deeply about whether he or she take the risk or not. In this case, there is no need to bother about the risk or the ability. In fact, a person should follow the instinct, not the brain, which can hinder the person plan. If a person avoids the vexed excitement, it will be much easier to make a new choice without bothering about whether to take this step.

Do not bother about the common options that other people do
From the previous cases, there are also other people views through your decision. Everyone encountered an option when intuition directs us how to do, but we start to experience what others will say. A person can reference all the views, but finally, do it in his or her way if it feels right. Do not depend heavily on the opinion of the society.

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Talk to a buddy
It happens that indecision thrive significantly, and it is nearly impossible to make the choice independently. In this situation, a person needs to discuss with friends. It should be noted that a person shouldn’t ask friends to decide for him or her or shouldn’t ask for advice. Instead, a person needs to describe the situation concretely so that the friends can comprehend profoundly. When a person looks at the situation from the friend’s view, which means different angles, it may be easier for a person to make his or her own decision.

Make the motives clear
If a person cannot decide, he or she should consider motives. Sometimes, we want to make a selfish decision, but some inner voices keep us, leading to the thrive of indecisiveness. In such situations, if we choose to follow our selfish desires, we will most likely regret our opt.

In life, we cannot try to do everything that not even worth trying. A person, therefore, need to priorities about everything around: family, inner peace, hobby, work. When we need to make the choice, we will think about our priorities. For instance, when the manager wants a person to work overtime. If extra money can be made but the person priority is a family, he or she needs to say no.

Sometimes we involve in indecisive on account of our brain frequently bothered about potential risks. A person needs to think about possibilities instead of horrible issues and to focus on how good the decision lies behind it.

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