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The guide to becoming bolder and having courage

Within the process of self-development, courage contributes as a strong ground in aiding the person a strength to strive forward and attain his or her goals. A person has the courage to change his or herself will be achieved many valuable things. In daily life, courage is simply important and is set against our fears, which hinder us from gaining interesting opportunities. A person with the profusion of courage will leave the door open for novel events, turns and people in his or her life. It is the common thought that some people, by nature, braver than others. However, nothing is infeasible for a person trying to make a progress of self-improvement. Hence, there are some guides to becoming bolder.

It is said that “if you want to destroy something, put it to analysis”. To become bolder, we need to clarify our fear by cutting it into components. This move will help us to comprehend that human fears are mostly the product of imagination and stem only from our complexes and confined frameworks. A person needs to begin developing the courage of character by writing down all the moments that he or she obtained fear during the day, which are the moment that a person did not have the courage to confront the offender or express his or her opinion. A person should also not concretely what exactly scared him or her in the situation and part of what greater fear is his or her fear.

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To balance our exercise with courage, we also need to write down, from the other end of the notebook, our small and big achievement that was attained only because of your courage. After a couple of weeks, we can see profoundly the picture of our records, fears and, boldness. It is often true that a person might show different emotion sphere at different places. For instance, a person can displace courage at work but is so shy and fearful when he or she stays in their personal life. If a person discerns such a dissonance, it is crucial to comprehend that he or she is not limited by anything, he or she can extend boldness in any part of life because that boldness is already existing. Also, we need to clarify concretely a situation in which a person took a bold decision or take an action, understand the main conditions under which that person become a brave person and then transfer these conditions to other situations by the power of the consciousness.

After identifying the fear, we need to learn how to destroy them at the root. Hence, we need to make a detail plan to work with upcoming events, conversations, and situations that needed courage. For instance, we learned about the interesting contest that we like to make a speech but do not have the courage to do so. We should again take a notebook and write down three sheets of paper for three predictions: positive, neutral and negative. The first one will present the big triumph, honor and, glory. The second one will perform without much noise, get a diploma or an ovation either... The third will describe the moment of failure, falling during the dance and inability of finishing the performance.

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