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The biggest leak in iPhone history was unveiled by Apple

Apple makes the firm statement for the operation of the source code for the iBoot loader, according to the CNET with reference to the representative of the company.
Apple stated “The old source code has really unveiled three years ago but the security of our products does not depend on the security of the code. There are many levels of protection operated into our products; hence we buck up customers to install novel versions of the system to strengthen security.”

The huge number of iPhone customers are now owning iOS 10 and iOS 11 operated with the code that is newer than what was unveiled. The code seems to be operated on an older version of iOS (presumably iOS 9, launched in 2015) but parts of it might belong to iOS 11, the latest version. Despite this, lawyers on behalf of Apple still requested to extirpate the source from GitHub, writes The Verge. They demonstrated that the launched materials are the assets of the company and they are based on the copyright protection law.

Source: Apple

Earlier in February, the anonymous user put the source code of the iBoot loader on GitHub, this source code is responsible for the iOS boot process. Because of the lack of some files, this code fails to compose, but this does not keep the user from studying the source code for vulnerabilities. Accordingly, this leak will also compete with iOS on other devices. The author of the string of books about the operating systems Apple Mac OS X and iOS, Jonathan Levin regarded this leak is the biggest leak in the history of the iPhone. Levin believed that the code was most caught on vastly in the platform of iOS jailbreaking community. He added “iBoot is the one element that Apple has been holding on to, encrypting its 64-bit image. And now it’s wide operated in source code form.”

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