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A guide to put money on SMS by phone bank

Today’s age provides many approaches to help the customer replenish the phone, but remote and instant are now gain currency. The customer now can use SMS to put money on the phone from an existing account.

Connect Mobile Bank

Before SMS is attached to the phone through the Savings Bank service, the clients must active Mobile Bank. It can be connected in several ways such as in the office, by phone or through the ATM.

Mobile Banking
Source: Centennial Bank

This service, even with some restrictions, assist you to order transactions through SMS and ussd-requested. Besides, a large list of banking procedures contains:
 Lock card;
 Balance clarification;
 Replenishment of telephone numbers;
 Sending to private individuals;
 Payment to firms;
 Loan repayment;
 Ask for information about the transactions carried;
 Acceptance of transactions operated in the Internet bank.

Refill phone number from card by 900

The customer need to comprehend some policies of using SMS message to put money on the phone from the card of the Savings Bank. The customer can draw the guide of working with the Mobile Bank on the site of institution, which brings the customer the description of all types of requests. The customer is recommended to read those details because there are a profusion of variations and new features that many customers are not familiar with.

Instruction of using cards to fill up money on the phone via SMS for 900:
 Request 900;
 Receive a transaction inform;
 Confirm with the key attached in it;
 Wait for transfer to the phone;
 Receive a message about a charge from the card.

Hence, the important point is to note exactly the required parameters. The clients need to write the amount of transfer correctly in the message in case he or she needs to fill up his or her number, which is linked to the institution’s card.

To another person

The procedure is guide customer to use SMS to put money on the phone from the card of bank to a friend. The customer need to note the following items:
 Command;
 Phone number;
 The value is in figures;

Then, the customer can fill up the space after each parameter by those command words:

The user can also enter the same words in English letters, for example, TEL.

In this context, the customer can type messages in any convenient way, for instance:

Source: PYMNTS.com

If the customer wants to make payment for a cell phone whose number has not yet been signed up in the templates, the customer need to send an SMS with a confirmation code. The bank will provide the customer this code after the customer enter a request for payment.

Through the USSD request

Besides, here is a way of putting money on the phone from the card of the Savings Bank via SMS, it is possible to make request in the format ussd:
 Refill user’s: * 900 * amount #
 Pay for another person: * 900 * phone number * amount #

The customer can also keep in mind that such request can be conducted by subscribers of the following cellular operators: Tele 2, Megafon, Beeline. The operation of these commands on the turf of the Russian Federation and abroad (in roaming) is no charge.

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