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How to seek out the information of bank card 2018

To engage in most basic and vital operations, for example, to transfer money to a bank card, the user just uses the information at hand on the front side of the plastic card. However, the user may need additional information for additional payments such as a full description of the card or bank itself. There are some ways to reach a pool of information the user need.

Requisites of the bank

Before getting acquaintance with the details of the card, the customer should distinguish details between the plastic card and the bank itself.
The first case contains the information related to the personal card and its owner, and the second provides the customer the data about the financial institution itself.

The customer will have to provide additional information of requisites if they access the following actions:
 To transfer funds between legal entities. Persons and individuals. Persons (for example, receiving a payment from an insurance company)
 Provide the user own contribution
 Transfer money to a bank card
 Conduct an interbank operation

Requisites of the card of bank

The plastic card already contains some specific information of bank card; nevertheless, the user need to access further information related to:
 Owner’s name (stamped on plastic, if it’s a name card);
 16-digit card number;
 Term of the end of service;
 CVV2 or CVC2 (security codes that lie on the reserve side);
 Number r/s (on plastic is not specified).

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Those are personal information, which may be required for initiating an operation, either to the owner or to the person filling up the money in card.

Bank requisites

In some case, the user must add the information of the bank for transfer to the card. These are bank details:
 Full and/ or abbreviated name of financial institution;
 INN;
 BIC;
 CAT;
 Correspondent account number;
 Bank branch number;

Besides, the details of the bank are available on the official website of the bank- at the bottom of the first page “About the Bank” and further the section “Requisites”

How to read the information of the Savings Bank card
The users can use different approaches to access the data of the card and bank itself in the bank online.

All available methods are grouped:
 Personally, in the bank branch
 Through user own ATM of the bank
 Remotely

Remote choices for attaining data include:
 Call to the call center (operator of the “Hot Line” will deliver the necessary information);
 In online banking, the Bank Online card details;
 On the official site;
 Search in the contract (own copy is on hand, there is the necessary information).

Through the bank branch

In the first case, the information of the Bank on the card number will be determined during a visit to the inpatient department. In this situation, the user will need to bring an identity document (passport). Also, the customer can get any data from any branch of the financial institution.

Through the ATM

The user just needs to tap the “Account Details” in the menu to get the information of the Savings Bank card through the ATM. After inserting the plastic into the ATM (or terminal with the corresponding function) and enter the pin code, tap the item “My Payments” in which the category user need is located. The user can print a check for the convenient operation in the future.


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