› Laptops using motor are patented by Google

Laptops using motor are patented by Google

Google give a patent to a laptop equipped with a motorized display. By tapping on the cover, the user can see it automatically open and adjust the angle of opening directed to the location of users, report of Patently Mobile.

Laptops using motor are patented by Google

The usual laptop has its main part and screen lit together connected by means of rigid loops. However, there are other designs that are experimented and manufactured. For instances, some notebooks have the connection containing several sections in shape of a chain which allow the laptop lip can rotate and spin nearly 180 degrees. Besides, some manufactures invented models in which the screen is detached and applied as a tablet.

Google engineers make further improvement. They upgrade functions of laptops by putting a few sensors and a motor in the joint of the cover and the main part. The proximity sensor helps the laptop determine whether the user is nearby. Also, when the user touches the specified region on the laptop lit, the laptop will open automatically by the motor. Besides, the author of the patent introduces an idea of using laptop cameras to recognize the user identity and biometric authentication and to adjust the screen to comfortably angle toward user’s face. It follows that Google tries to create an advanced-technology world where laptop users don’t have to engage in physical effort in the least to use their computer.

A full-blown of inventions in the fields of laptops is not confined to just Google. Intel innovated a completely curved notebook that has a screen separating from the main part. Also, Apple designed a laptop whose brain also can be applied to smartphone or tablet. The company suggests putting them into special grooves and making the screens of these devices as a touchpad or screen.

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