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4 steps to trade binary options

A binary option is a notable kind of contract that brings a profit for a trader if he speculates accurately a change in the value of the underlying assets.

Nevertheless, binary options trading is not facile and requires undergo training.
The first Russian broker Finmax provides an innovative platform for training binary options trading skills.
Comprehensive free training contains video lessons, webinars and the study of ready-made maneuvers.

The principle of binary options trading

Consider trading options with Finmax. You are offered to purchase contracts with the support of the trading system.

There are several kinds of contracts to opt: the Binary option (Digital), the Touch option, the Range option, and the Turbo option.

First step

You need to identify the underlying asset to gain a contract for a binary option.
You can consider the asset from four basic types: shares, Forex currency pairs, goods and stock market indices.
You can also choose the “Assets” section to get familiar with all the available financial instruments.

Second step

In this step, you choose the type of contract.
You can access the Finmax’s Terms and Conditions section in order to get more information on each of the contract types.

Third step

The next step is to select an investment amount.
You can choose the amount that you are willing to invest in the acquisition of the binary option chosen at the second step.

Fourth step

The fourth step is the contract’s expiry time.
You can pick one of the options suggested by the broker.
Duration of the contract performance can range from 15 seconds to a month.

After accomplishing all of these steps, you can click on the “Buy” button.
You will make profits from the event that you have forecasted.
If the forecast did not materialize, then you will lose the amount invested in the acquisition of the contract.

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