› Virtual currency miners cause an acute shortage of video cards

Virtual currency miners cause an acute shortage of video cards

The massive appearance of cryptocurrency miners has significantly increased the demand for powerful computers, causing an acute shortage of video cards.
According to the Vedomosti newspaper’s recent report, representatives of hardware stores said that they have always run out of video cards because dozens of customers continuously asked for them.

The report said that there were plenty of clients purchasing 200-300 video cards, while some clients have been recorded to buy 600 video cards at once.
Because of this fact, the production’s price has advanced almost twofold over the last three months.
For example, a video card that cost 16,000 rubles now is being sold for 30,000 rubles.
The delivery time has also been sharply extended to 7-10 days, while it was just 2-3 days two months ago.

Bitcoin farm
Source: bloknot.ru

The interlocutor of the publication appraised that the increase of the virtual currency diggers is the main factor causing the high demand for not only video cards but also powerful Personal Computers (PCs).
But the key element of this issue is because of the constant advance in cryptocurrencies’ prices from the beginning of 2017 to the present.
Since the third quarter of this year, Bitcoin – the world’s most popular digital currency – has ascended more than 200%, surpassing the $2000-per-bitcoin level.
Ethereum has also posted a surge of nearly 600 percent in price in just two months.

Through May 2017, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has been estimated at a record of 91 billion dollars.
Bitcoin accounts for about 70 percent of the number, while the other five popular digital currencies (Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, and Monero) account for 20 percent.

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