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How to disable Barclay SMS notification

Mobile Banking is a very useful service, allowing its users to access their bank account, control the funds as well as receiving transaction notifications remotely.
However, in case the users no longer want to use this service, they can also deactivate it remotely.

This article will guide you in detail how to disable Barclay’s SMS alert.

Best way to turning off the SMS notification from Barclay

The most convenient ways to deactivate the Barclay SMS alert service are through the Internet Banking, ATM, and phone, while the most traditional way, of course, is going straight to the nearest bank office and requesting to close the service directly.
Turning off the SMS notification requires you to disable the entire Mobile Banking service.
Accordingly, it’s not necessary to deactivate it should you be interested in its other advantages.

Nowadays, ATMs and terminals are placed everywhere, therefore you can not only easily withdraw funds but also independently perform certain operations, including disabling the Mobile Banking service.

The steps to work with an ATM are as follows:

  • Insert your card into the ATM socket;
  • Enter your secret pin code;
  • In the main menu, select Mobile Banking;
  • Click Disable.

In a very short time, you will receive a notification confirming that the service has been disabled.

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Deactivating the Mobile Banking through Internet Banking

First, you need to access the Barclay’s Online Banking cabinet. It can be obtained via telephone or personal contact with a Barclay specialist.
After providing the necessary information required to confirm your identity, you can control your bank account as well as performing certain commands.

The steps to deactivate the MB service via the Online Banking are as follows:

  • Visit My Account;
  • From the menu sections, select Mobile Banking;
  • All available cards for the service will be displayed. Select the one you want to turn off;
  • Click Disable.

A notification of disconnection will be sent to you shortly.

Deactivating the Mobile Banking through using SMS commands

You just need to send a specific SMS or a USSD request (please visit Barclay’s official website for more details) since the Mobile Banking enables you to activate or deactivate it remotely.

As mentioned before, the most traditional way to disable the service is requesting at a Barclay bank office. In order to do so, you must bring your bank card and ID card.
After the representative checks for your authority, you can be able to request to shut the Mobile Banking service.

Please have in mind that the MB service will remain temporarily locked after your closing request, therefore fees will continue to be charged.
Accordingly, you should switch your tariff plan into Economy if your earlier plan is Full to avoid regular charging fees.

The Barclay MB service is very convenient, allowing you to perform transactions remotely.
Therefore, it is no need to block the card except in the case of loss or stealing as you can quickly block it with an SMS command instead of contacting the office.

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