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How to activate Barclay's Mobile Banking service

Mobile Banking is a very useful service offered by a bank that enables its clients to make transactions remotely using a smartphone or tablet.
A customer can subscribe to Mobile Banking service via phone, internet banking, self-service devices and in person.
This article will guide you in detail how to subscribe to this service of Barclay bank.

1. Choosing a tariff plan for the Mobile Banking service

Before discussing the issue of connecting the service, you must pick a tariff plan.
Nowadays, there are two normal plans: Economy and Full. Choosing the Full plan, of course, requires you to pay a one-time fee, but it’s much more beneficial than picking the Economy one which charges fees for any requests such as balance query, transaction check or fluctuation notification via SMS despite asking no initial cost.

The Barclay’s tariff packages provide you with the following capabilities:

  • Replenishing your telephone numbers.
  • Transfering money between your card products.
  • Transfering money to Barclay's private customers if you know their phone numbers.
  • Paying for companies’ services.
  • Paying your loans.
  • Connecting other services.
  • Blocking the card if it is lost or stolen.

2. Activating the service via ATM

After deciding on your tariff plan, you can connect the Barclay Mobile Banking service via your phone or other devices.
Since ATMs are distributed widespreadly, activating the MB service via an ATM seems one of the most convenient options.

In order to use the ATM, you need to insert your card into the slot and follow the instruction displayed on the ATM screen:

  • Input your secure PIN code.
  • Click on the Mobile Banking section.
  • Select the option “Connect main card” if the service is not connected to the payment card.
  • Choose your tariff plan.
  • Check your phone number displayed on the screen.
  • Click Continue.

Once the service is connected, you will receive a confirming SMS. Please have in mind that activation may take up to 3 days.

3. Connecting the service via Phone

Linking the Barclay Mobile Banking via the phone is even easier. To do so, you can contact your bank’s Contact Center.
After a specialist gets in touch, you will be required to provide certain information as a security check of your identity and authority. These information may include:

  • Card number, which can be seen on your bank card.
  • Code word you specified in the account opening contract with the bank.
  • Personal and passport data.
  • Details of your last operation.

After finishing the verification, the specialist will ask you for the tariff plan and perform the activation.
An SMS which provides instruction about the Mobile Banking service will be sent to you.

4. Requesting to link the service at the bank offices

This is the most traditional method to activate the Mobile Banking service.
First, you must download the requesting form found on the website of the bank and fulfill precisely the information it requires. These information contains:

  • Name of the department.
  • Your passport data.
  • Your phone number.
  • Your bank card number.
  • The chosen tariff plan.

Disabling the Mobile Banking service

After activation, you can use the Ussd requests or SMS commands to interact with your bank account.
Therefore, you can remotely request to stop using the Mobile Banking service by a specific command.
The service and its available capabilities will be temporarily locked up.
However, please note that fees still continue to be charged. Hence, this option should only be used if your phone is lost or stolen.

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