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How to get Yandex Credit Card

Yandex Money is Russia’s largest electronic payment service. Besides its convenience and flexibility, this e-wallet system also has a great customer care service.
The users of this online purse are offered a plastic card, used to make direct transactions from their Yandex purses.
If you are using or tend to use this e-wallet but don’t know how to get this offer, then you can find a detailed guide in this article.

In the past, those plastic cards were manufactured exclusively in the context of the partnership program with Tinkoff Bank.
Nevertheless, Yandex.Money has recently switched to cooperate with MasterCard, and as a result, it could independently issue cards.

Thanks to this revolutionary cooperation, Yandex.Money account holders are able to withdraw money absolutely anywhere in the world.

How to get a Yandex Money card?

In order to own a Yandex Money credit card, you must have a Yandex purse.
If you have already had one, you can access your personal account page and order a card.
Please note that a minimum amount of 199 rubles must be available in your account to request for a Yandex card.
After ordered, the card will be sent to you via mail within 5 days.

Using your personal cabinet, you can easily track the location of the card and estimate how long it will take to arrive.
The Yandex card’s using duration is three years. Each user is allowed to own only one card.

Features of the Yandex Money card

The nominal Yandex plastic card is automatically linked to your personal account, therefore, instead of having to transfer money from your e-wallet to your card and vice versa, you can directly use the available funds in your purse via the card.
You can withdraw your money from all ATMs having logos of MasterCard international payment systems.
The plastic card’s default currency is the Russian ruble, hence, given paying for goods and services in another currency, you will have to pay a foreign exchange fee of 2%.
This fee will be automatically deducted right after your transaction is successful.

In order to raise the limits and clear the restrictions of your personal account, you need to finish Yandex’s verification process.

The steps to order a Yandex card are as follows:

  1. Go to the system’s official website;
  2. Click on the "Issue" button. You will be required to fulfill a form containting your full name and current address.

How to get Yandex Credit Card

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If the card doesn’t come to you within 5 days, please ask for help from Yandex customer supports.
Once the card arrives, you should activate it and get a pin-code using the official portal.
Be sure to remember the code because it can not be restored, otherwise you will have to reorder another card.

How to get Yandex Credit Card

The commission fee charged when using the Yandex card is as follows:

  • Money transfers to other e-wallets - no commission;
  • Cash withdrawal through ATMs - 15 r. + 3% of the withdrawn amount.

Limits and restrictions are depended on the account status. Anonymous accounts are allowed to transfer up to 15,000 rubles in one transaction.
Verified users are able to pay and transfer up to 250,000 rubles.

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