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How to use doubts correctly

Self-doubt is a psychological state. People have doubts when they are in an indecisive situation. Not all doubts are negative since correct doubts signal a conscious attitude to life and a desire to make careful decisions. The good news is there are ways to turn your doubt into a constant source of motivation. In this article, we would like to show you how to take advantage of your doubts.

There are two postulates about the subject of our discussion:

  • Self-doubt is normal. The most confident person can sometimes doubt himself, but a self-confident one will never do it.
  • If a person lets his doubts overwhelm his thinking, he could become an inactive person.

What are the doubts for?

You can try two following methods to test your doubts. First, if you doubt your own idea, just try it anyway.
There could only be two outcomes that either your idea becomes successful or you get a new experience.
Meanwhile, in case you don’t try your idea, you will achieve nothing.
Secondly, when steadfastly taking a decision, you can refer to professionals. That doesn’t mean for your uncertainty.
Professionals can sketch your idea with a comprehensive outlook.

Boris Strugatsky said: “It always starts with the fact that sows doubt”.
In fact, the most successful people faced a lot of difficulties at the beginning since their ideas were usually considered crazy or not pragmatic.
Hence, we would like to reiterate that if you doubt your idea, just try it.

In order to find creative ideas and effective solutions, doubt is necessary.
You must know that the best ideas are not always endorsed by the majority.
If you have a creative brain, you should only take the most feasible solutions/ideas/concepts and deliberately question them.
Surrounding people’s opinions, especially the opinions of the people whom you respect and with whom you agree, must be questioned.

For example, you sell a popular product that is being sold by many people and believe that the product’s retail price is maximized.
The question "why should they pay the price" will have to be answered.

1. Because your service is better than competitors’. You offer customers free delivery, online support or cheering cards on their birthdays, making them feel comfortable and happy.

2. Because your product is better than competitors’. You will label your product and declare it unique.

We think the principle of working with doubts is now clear to you.


If you have no musical voice, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t become a singer.
If you really want to become a singer, you can use doubts to motivate yourself. Just do a minimal search on the internet and you will find a basket of possibilities: video lessons, tools for self-development of vocal data, seminars on disclosing the inner voice. Your potential ability will be released.

Life will become more interesting if every "no" is perceived as a challenge and questioned. Let's doubt and make your life better.

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