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How to stimulate your motivation

Everyone knows that motivation is engendered from a strong passion.
However, despite a person usually having an energetic inspiration at the beginning, it could still fade over time.
Meanwhile, in order to achieve goals and move forward to success, his inspiration must be constantly maintained.
Without taking any actions, he may lose his motivation one day, especially when his plan doesn’t work or things drag out for a much longer time than he expected.

Here are the main reasons for your motivation decrease:

  • You start to make money by what you really love to do, making your passion turn to work. Your negative attitude to the previous boring work is transferred into a new one.
  • Feeling that you are bound to do what you love.
  • Your appetite for results suppresses your creativity. You begin to avoid doing what you like.
  • You lose sight of the purpose for which you start your business. You begin to force yourself to work and lose your initial inspiration.

If you don’t do exercises, your muscles will gradually atrophy.
Similarly, if you don’t supplement the source of inspiration, it will dwindle in turn.
The only remedy for this ailment is regularly reviewing your activities and reminding why you started your project.
You better have a starting point, which you need to periodically look back to renew your motivation.

In order to stimulate your motivation, you can do the following methods:

  • Create a special folder on your desktop and put inside it inspirational photos, articles, quotes, thoughts and audio recordings.
  • Get a notebook where you can write down all the ideas which inspire you. In the periods when you feel that your motivation is decreasing, you can review the notebook.
  • Hang on pictures, quotes and images of your goals that will make you move forward in a prominent place.
  • Create a motivational video. In order to finish it, you might have to spend efforts. However, that will deep down your memories and help increase your motivation. You will be reminded everytime you watch the video, and you will have to work out the spent time.
  • Establish your desktop with a motivational background. In the moments of aggressive laziness or lack of motivation, you can turn all the windows and start to get angry at the motivating pictures. Then, let’s continue with your business.

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