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How to make and maintain interest in yourself

“How to become an interesting person” is a big question that many people want to ask.
Despite the fact that there have been many topics on this matter, we still would like to open our own topic to listen to your opinions.
The truth is always born in a dispute, therefore, we believe the best ideas and conclusions will be engendered in this discussion.
Let’s comment your thoughts as many as you can because all ideas will be beneficial.

The questions "how to become an interesting person" and "how to generate interest in yourself", in our opinion, are fundamentally different.
The first case mainly points to the things we should do to develop our positive qualities and realize the potential brought by surrounding people, while the other leads us to perform some tricks which improve our potential interest without changing our original characters.
Raising our interest is very important because it motivates our desires and makes them achievable.

Besides, we appraise that given a person just trying to fake his interest, there will be two outcomes: either he has to continue to pretend in order to preserve his interest, or his true essence will soon turn out and cause the surrounding people to feel disappointed.
Of course, one’s interest which arises in a natural way without special manipulations may fade in time, and the question is how to perpetuate it?

Below are some received opinions:
  1. A person needs to be himself. If he is already an interesting person, he doesn’t need to add anything.
    His interest will increase automatically in a natural way and, there is no need for him to interfere.
  2. A person needs to be interesting to himself and surrounding people will feel it. Being engaged in self-
    development and self-education, he will remain interesting to others.
  3. A person can make surrounding people feel relax by respecting their interests. Listening carefully when
    others talk will make them feel respected.
  4. Natural behaviors are not sufficient. If a person wants to express his interest, he should observe certain
    rules such as being close or sometimes being inaccessible to interest the talk.
  5. A person sometimes can try surprising his partners to keep the interest fire burning.
Please tell us which positions you agree/disagree, and why?
Or, what is your own opinion on this matter?
We would like you to the start the conversation.

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