› Market Analysis for the week from 26 till 30 of June

Market Analysis for the week from 26 till 30 of June

British pound is back to game

In the first month of summer British industrial enterprises showed excellent results.

The index of the new orders in June rose to a maximum over the past 30 years. Almost all industrial sectors showed growth.

Also, British Prime Minister Teresa May at the EU summit in Brussels said that after Brexit, EU citizens can stay in the UK, as before. But at the same time, the British Court will decide the contentious issues conserning EU citizens.

All factors point to the stability of the UK economy and even in the "difficult" and crucial moment for the state, the economy in some of its sectors continues to develop and give further impetus to the growth of the British pound. Its slow, but stable growth, make investors think sbout buying of this asset, while it is on favorable position.

Market Analysis for the week from 26 till 30 of June

OIL. Retracement or Reversal?

Market participants still think that the OPEC cartel is cheating with the level of oil production. In fact, oil output didn’t go down, but, on the contrary, grows.

The cartel hopped that the extension of the deal would inspire the market again and support oil price, but it did not happen. Oil investors are now focusing on the leader of OPEC - Saudi Arabia, which can become an initiator for improving the situation on the oil market. Worth mentioning that in 2018, state-owned company “Saudi Aramco” plans to conduct an IPO (placement of shares on the exchange).

Situation and stability in the market, and within OPEC cartel itself will influence the price of future shares of “Saudi Aramco”. Therefore, for Saudi Arabia and the entire cartel, there is not much time left to make market participants to believe that OPEC can control the market situation.

In the current situation, the price of oil continues to go down, and last week it was below $ 43 per barrel. If there is no decisive actions in the form of verbal intervention, and decisive actions aimed at reducing production. For example, as the cancellation of the special status of Nigeria and Libya, which continue to increase production by the day, this week oil is expected at $40 per barrel.

Market Analysis for the week from 26 till 30 of June


Given the further oil decline and the stable US economy, there is a completion of the correction of the Australian / American dollar currency pair. The most attractive mark from which to open medium-term options is the price from the level of 0.76000. The nearest levels are 0.75000 at which correction is possible.

Market Analysis for the week from 26 till 30 of June


This week was difficult for the high-tech sector.

Despite all the positive news in the development, shares of the NASDAQ fell.

But by the end of the trading week, growth was clearly seen, and this gives an understanding that the next week for such companies like Amazon, Google, Apple will be more successful and we can expect further growth.

The most striking phenomenon in the market was Amazon, the reaction to buying a chain of stores of whole foods caused a surge in the value of these shares to the level of 1017 dollars.

This, in fact, is the next point where we can expect this asset.

For some assets this is the beginning of quarterly reporting, for others it is only the end.

In the night from June 29 to June 30, Nike will publish its financial statements, therefore volatility of this asset is expected.

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