› Market Analysis for the week from 19 till 23 of June

Market Analysis for the week from 19 till 23 of June


The S & P 500 index tests resistance level at 2445.5. Analysts expect this index also to decline, as the NASDAQ index, which lost the lion's share - 19,200 points.

Also worth paying attention to the Dow Jones 30 index. This index is constantly and steadily growing.

Is it due to Trump's promise to revive industrial enterprises? Quite possible. Because most of the companies on the list are industrial, and its possible, that these actions are to improve conditions could spur the growth of the index.

Market Analysis for the week from 19 till 23 of June


It’s worth paying attention to the fact that shares gradually begin to grow, and that gives a positive prospect for them.

Public image of Amazon is also getting better, as Mr Bezos showed interest in charitable projects.

"Jaguar" company plans to become investor of the "Lyft". British automaker shows high interest to unmanned automotive technologies. It can affect Google's shares, as subsidiary Google-Waymo cooperates with Lyft mentioned above. Thus, there is already an alliance of three companies that work together on these technologies.

Market Analysis for the week from 19 till 23 of June


One of the important indicators of the president administration efficiently is his environment, employees, and representatives. And Trump faced a huge problem - employees he wanted to hire, refused even before the White House administration offered them a position.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that despite seemingly neutral position of the US president, when it comes to money, he makes a deal, regardless of the buyer. For example, Qatar ordered истреби F-15 fighters (36 units) worth more than $ 12 billion, and US, despite dissatisfaction of the Arabic countries, that isolated Qatar, sold these fighters.

Also, new aircraft carrier of the US armed forces was pompously announced, but as can be seen from the description of its functioning, it does not work very steadily (receiving and sending fighters into the air), and that reduces the combat capability of this combat unit to "zero." Another piece of news followed this information: the pilots of the F-18 fighters do not have a large supply to oxygen, and that cuts the length of the operation.

In case it keeps going this way, the US Armed Forces will customers around the world.

Breakdown of US aircraft technology, no one wants to go to the Trump. Sale of aircraft to the Quatar.

Based on the abovementioned, conclusion can be made: the US can lose its influence, its authority and the dollar will decline.


Technical overview shows, that on Friday, greenback declined from two-weeks high.

Significant support level is located at 1.1022. In case the price will go below, next aim is 1.06. Breaking through 1.1280 level, will drive this par further up.

So we recommend to pay attention to this levels and to look for entrance point around them.

Market Analysis for the week from 19 till 23 of June


The price of oil is continuing to decline, and practically without any corrections, breaks through important technical levels. Last week, market closed below the psychological level of $ 45 per barrel. This indicates that $45 now is a strong resistance level, and we can search for entry points from it. The next goal is $40 per barrel. If there are no strong positive fundamental factors, reaching a level of ;40 is only a matter of time.

Market Analysis for the week from 19 till 23 of June

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