› Market Analysis for the week from 5 till 11 of June

Market Analysis for the week from 5 till 11 of June


Amazon company, manage to pass through $ 1,000 per share level, as we predicted. After short retracement we expect it to continue growth.

When it deals to Google (Alphabet inc), we can tell that this company is not far behind Amazon in the price race. Considering that sub-company Waymo (unmanned vehicle technology) has already released its test cars on the Phoenix streets, carriage of passengers will be carried out soon. With all that, plus other projects described earlier, the stocks of this company will also reach $ 1,000 per share soon.

Market Analysis for the week from 5 till 11 of June

On the other hand, core of the Google company is innovative projects. The price formation of this company depends on the success and implementation of these projects. Therefore, price growth of this company is relatively not that fast, but in case next project pays off, growth is to be rapid and significant.

In long term prospect, all actions of the US president turn allied countries, partners, and others against the US, as evidenced by the statements by the heads of state, for example, Theresa May: "The relationship between Britain and the US is not as special as it was", this may also have a negative impact on companies that are American.

Macro news

The past G-7 summit showed Trump's attitude to politics and the lack of desire to work with someone other than to satisfy his interests. Let's skip unimportant details, as a disrespectful behavior to some representative of this summit, and switch to the most important:
Trump, failed to get money from the NATO countries, and achieved nothing at the meeting of the Paris Climate Summit, decided to leave, and as the result, to leave Paris Climate Summit, even though the major US companies dissuaded him from this.

The European Union made China its strong ally.

On 01.06 prime minister of China Li Keqiang arrived at the summit, and, basically, China become leading country of the Paris climate agreement.

Influential Thursday

08.05.2017 two major events will decide the fate of the international economy:
- Parliamentary elections in the Great Britain;
The result of this event will have influence on foreign and domestic policies of Britain.
- Closed meeting concerning relationship of the Trump administration with the Russian Federation, there James Comey and others will testify.
One of the possible outcomes of this meeting may be Trump impeachment, and that will have a tremendous impact on both the stock markets and the currency / commodity markets.


After the US president, Donald Trump announced departure from the "climate change agreement," oil price fell significantly.
This agreement brings together 195 countries around the world, aims to reduce CO2 emissions, and to reduce the growth of temperature in the atmosphere to maintain global warming.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe considered this Trump’s decision to be alarming signal.

Trump's policy is aggressive, and his decisions are aimed to strengthen American via maximizing the shale oil production. Thus, by increasing the number of drilling rigs, and increasing production, Trump plans to reach the production level that will eliminate the need to buy oil from Canada and other countries.

In case he succeeds, oil price is to keep it’s movement down in the long term prospect, but for now there is significant possibility of the short retracement.

Market Analysis for the week from 5 till 11 of June

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