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Market Analysis 29.05.2017


This week was profitable for trading on the assets of the US stock market.

Amazon shows phenomenal growth (the price, at the moment, fluctuates and moves to the level of $ 1,000, as we have repeatedly reported).

This asset was estimated to be the most fast growing. Therefore, $ 1,000 will not be the limit for this company, as its projects develop fast. Though they are not as innovative as Tesla, SpaceX, etc., but they cause huge demand. Let's take a closer look, for example, at two interrelated projects — Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh pick up.

The goal of the first project is to create a utopian shop, a store of dreams, a store without queues. And it was quite possible to make it come true.

Amazon Pick Up: the opportunity to order groceries online, and in 15 minutes to pick it up in one of the many kiosks.


In one of our previous reviews, we recommended to open trades on indexes for low, and now we can give the same advice. Now, the indexes pierced their maximum peaks, and again can not determine the direction of the further movement. Most likely, there will be roller coaster effect, when reaching the highest point, the train quickly tears down. It is for this reason indexes can go down in the next month. The exception is the Asian Nikkei 225, and the German DAX, that are on their short-term local lows, and can both strengthen their positions or lose them.


The USDCAD is at its lows at 1.3460. Further movement down is expected.

Market Analysis 29.05.2017

The US dollar, by the way, is gradually losing its positions vs. other currencies due to the world leaders attitude change of to the US president, who is trying, all the time, like a collector, to " wheedle money out of " for any reason (from Mexico for building Border wall between the US and Mexico, from South Korea for defensive complexes against North-Korean ballistic missiles, from the NATO countries).

As we speak about Mr. Trump, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that it's no longer simply investigation conducted (Trump administration's relations with the Russian Federation). Probably, this was the reason why Mr. Trump engaged one of the most tough and successful lawyers - Marc Kasowitz.

Also, we want to draw your attention to the USDCHF. It is at its global lows. Hence, there’s huge probability, that the asset will grow in price.

Market Analysis 29.05.2017


OPEC cartel, made an agreed to extend the pact to reduce oil production for another 9 months.

Nevertheless, market surprised traders again. Contrary to the logic, after the treaty was made, the oil price collapsed, and the week closed below the psychological level of 50 usd per barrel.

In fact, those who are on the market for a long time understand, that the market now is working not on facts, but on expectations, and oil has been growing since traders learned about the successful negotiations between Russia and Saudi Arabia. But the participants expected more straightforward steps from OPEC, for example, not just continuation of the production agreement at 1.8 million barrels a day, but reducing this figure.

The OPEC leaders said that the current level of black gold production is acceptable to stabilize demand and supply.

This week, the oil market should stabilize and try again to take the key level of 50, and go to 55 per barrel if there aren’t any predictable surprises from the shale oil producers.

Market Analysis 29.05.2017

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