› Daily Market Analysis 15.05.2017

Daily Market Analysis 15.05.2017


This week was highly important for indexes.

Every index on our platform reached its historical highs, and that created significant support, that wasn't broken through within this week. Due to that, we expect down movement of indexes. The peak of S&P 500 was around 2 403,75, and after that it went down and currently is around 2 386.

Daily Market Analysis 15.05.2017

Concerning NASDAQ, it reached its peak on Tuesday, 09.05 and was around 5687.75, and after that went down. Currently its price is around 5659 pips.

Nikkei 225 also draws out attention. It began to give up its strong position only on Thursday 11.05, with its local maximum on 19 989.94. At the current moment it is near 19876.50.

Maximum for German DAX was 12 772.89.


This week was also filled with the information about Amazon, Apple, Google\ Alphabet inc, Tesla.

Amazon showed growth as it released new Echo Show. Its stocks grow, almost, all the time, and that fact allow us to make positive forecast about this company, considering continuous grows of its stocks, there’s high probability of future split.

Daily Market Analysis 15.05.2017

Apple within this week, was driven by 2 news: positive and negative:

- expectations of market capitalization to reach 1 trillion dollars (such forecast several years ago almost doubled the price for Apple).
- negative factor is that there’s too many products it their line, but it’s stocks keep growing.

Daily Market Analysis 15.05.2017

On 10th of May, Alphabet inc, also known as «Google», has bought VR game developer Owlchemy Labs. Based on this fact, and several others – stocks of this company went up. Also, it is worth mentioning that from the technical point of view there is probability of down movement till the next level $903 per share.

Daily Market Analysis 15.05.2017

Concerning Тesla company – all projects of Elon Mask are highly popular. SpaceX launched and landed successfully Falcon 9, prepares Mars expedition. His other company, Tesla, presented solar panels to cover the roofs, that can compete electricity.

Stocks of this company reach historic highs, we expect short-term down movement, and after that further growth.

Daily Market Analysis 15.05.2017

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