› Market review, Apr 23 – Apr 27, 2018

Market review, Apr 23 – Apr 27, 2018


The leader in the online industry, the international giant that is in the Alphabet holding will report. Google never stops development, modernizes and optimizes existing services, and develops new ones. In the first quarter of this year, the company's shares constantly jumped in price, the difference was more than $ 100. Such jumps in the price were caused by the seasonal demand for Internet advertising and pressure of the US dollar on the stocks value.

Such powerful developing companies are simply doomed to grow. For example, this quarter the giant is negotiating with the Finnish company Nokia to purchase their LTE A2G broadband technology for aircraft. It will allow the company to enter the market with an alternative to Wi-Fi, since Nokia’s system allows to connect the aircraft to the ground, rather than through a satellite. It will speed up and simplify the access to the Internet, and the company has always developed and will develop the availability of high-quality Internet with the maximum coverage.

Also he continuous work on the convenience of their services for the users worth noting. So Google Chrome in the new version already blocks the autoplay of video with sound, Gmail implements a new encryption system of letters (raising the security level), Google has become more selective in terms of advertising. So the company in early April banned any advertising, associated with the crypto currency (the currency itself, the mining, ICO, etc.). The ban also touched applications in Google Play and extensions in the Google Web Store, and by the end of June the company promises to remove all existing applications and extensions in services.
At the moment, the shares are traded in the middle of a wide corridor of 1180.00-980.00 and the nearest target for growth is 1100.00 with further restoration to the historic high of 1180.00.

Market review, Apr 23 – Apr 27, 2018


Russia has the biggest natural gas reservoir. Gazprom’s share and these reserves is about 70%.

In its forecast, the International Energy Agency (IEA) writes that oil and coal consumption will decline and gas consumption will remain at the same level, thus, the demand for renewable energy sources will increase.

The role of the Gazprom in the Russian economy is determined by the support of specific enterprises and regions, as well as by the fact that the Company provides about 8% of Russia's GDP and at the same time provides about a quarter of all tax revenues to the federal budget. It is worth noting that the state controls more than 50% of the company's shares.

From January 1 to March 31, 2018, Gazprom supplied 54.4 billion cubic meter of gas. Compared to the same period in 2017 the increase was 3.3 billion cubic meters, or 6.6%. As a result of the first quarter of 2018 a significant increase was shown, for example, Germany - by 12.2%, France - by 11.1%, Austria - 83.5%, the Netherlands - 127%, Finland - 15.5%, Greece - by 36.4%, "Gazprom informs that in the first quarter the company has set the fourth record for gas export to Europe, on February 24 gas delivery reached 655.2 million cubic meters.

The fall in the company's shares in late March and early April was due to the US sanctions, which hit many Russian companies (RUSAL in particular), "dropping" Russian indices. The gas giant has already survived this blow and the recovery period has already begun, and reporting for the first quarter will only contribute to this. The first goal is a maximum of this year 151.65.

Market review, Apr 23 – Apr 27, 2018


Gold continues its slow and calm decline and this morning is trading tround 1336.00-1332.00. Strengthening of the US dollar, reducing geopolitical risks and trade wars affect the value of gold.

On Friday, South and North Korean leaders, Mun Zhe Ying and Kim Jong-un, will meet on the demilitarized territory of the Korean peninsula. Which is in the state of war for 68 years. Indeed, the historic meeting will pave the way for an unprecedented summit between the heads of North and South Korea, and the United States. In early April CIA Director Mike Pompeo has already visited Pyongyang with preparatory goals, as mentioned earlier.

The DPRK has stopped nuclear testing and launches of intercontinental missiles since last Saturday. Also, the North Korean agency of CTC reported that dismantling of the landfill was started in the north of the country.

Peaceful moods encourage the revision of assets in favor of more volatile ones. Beginning of the reporting period of American companies for the first quarter, which is clearly attract any investors attention is worth noting. The immediate goal is to test the support level of 1330.00.

Market review, Apr 23 – Apr 27, 2018


The beginning of the reporting period of US companies provides support to the American currency.
The price decline below the level of 1.23 was expected for a week. The arguments were the slowdown of economic indicators in the Eurozone and vice versa good indicators of American macro statistics. Today, the market wakes up consolidating in the trade corridor 1,230-1,226.

Today Germany will publish an index of business activity in the manufacturing sector (PMI) and in the service sector (PMI) in April. The same data will be published by the EU. The US today will publish the index of business activity in the manufacturing sector (PMI), composite business activity index (PMI) in April, sales of secondary housing for March.

On Tuesday Germany will publish an index of business expectations, an assessment of the current situation in Germany, the IFO business climate index of Germany, all three indexes in April. The States will report a consumer confidence index in April, new home sales in March and preliminary data on crude oil inventories from the American Petroleum Institute (API). On Wednesday, France will report a total number of unemployed, and the US will publish official data on crude oil reserves in the evening.

Thursday will be more interesting. Germany will report the German consumer climate index (Gfk). Italy will publish inflation in April. The ECB will publish the rate on deposit funds and announce a interest rate decision, in the end of the day - the ECB meeting with a press conference. The US will publish orders for durable goods, basic orders for durable goods, the balance of foreign trade in goods in March and the number of initial applications for unemployment benefits.

On Friday, France will publish GDP data, consumer spending in March, inflation. Spain will also publish GDP for the first quarter, inflation. Germany will report a change in the number of unemployed and the unemployment rate in April. The meeting of the finance ministers of the EU will begin with the speech of Yves Mersch, after that the meeting of the Eurogroup will start. The US will publish a labor force index, GDP for the first quarter. Index of business activity (PMI) in Chicago. The University of Michigan will publish indices of mood and consumer expectations for April. Traditionally, at the end of the week, Baker Hughes will report the number of drilling rigs.

Market review, Apr 23 – Apr 27, 2018

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