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Market review, Mar 26 – Mar 30, 2018


The last week affected the US currency negatively; the price returned to the limits of 1,237-1,233. The first the FRS meeting in this year disappointed short-term investors with "pigeon" rhetoric, and soft monetary policy. This year the dollar is waiting for two more interest rate hikes, instead of the expected three (without taking into consideration the already raised on the last Wednesday). The topic of trade wars gains new dimensions, the overall picture of Trump's behavior points to the direction of trade restrictions on China, although many countries have been exempted from duties.

This week begins with GDP in France, the speech of the president of the Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann, and the members of the FOMC - William Dudley and Loretta Mester - will also have a speech by the evening of Monday.

Tuesday will be opened with the Quorles’s speech, a member of the FOMC Quorles, then Spain promulgates inflation for March, and France will report on the total number of unemployed. The US will publish the data of the consumer confidence index for March. The day will be finished by FOMC member Rafael Bostic and preliminary data on oil from the American Petroleum Institute (API).

The Wednesday will be more saturated: consumer spending in France, the consumer climate index in Germany. The US will report on GDP for the fourth quarter, the balance of foreign trade, the index of unfinished sales in the real estate market. By the evening, the US will publish crude oil reserves.
Thursday is the last day of this week since Friday for most countries is the official day off (Good Friday). Germany will publish a change in the number of unemployed in Germany for March, as well as preliminary data on inflation for March. The US will report the base price indices for February month/month and year/year, personal expenses for February, consumer expectations index, consumer sentiment index. The number of drilling rigs will also become known on Thursday evening.
Friday will be pleased only with the given inflation of France and Italy, which can also make changes in the price schedule.

It is expected to strengthen the US currency this week. Important levels for the change of movement 1,235-1,233 - change of movement to the bearish side, and 1,237 - continuation of the bullish movement. We are waiting for news and looking at the market reaction.

Market review, Mar 26 – Mar 30, 2018


Against the background of a decline in stocks in the US, the appointment of a new national security adviser, John Bolton, who is famous for his radical views and tough foreign policy, the price of oil had strengthened on the last week. Four new rigs in the US had slightly adjusted the price on the last week, dropping it below $ 66.00. At the beginning of the week, black gold is traded at $ 66.00 - $ 65.00. Wednesday-Thursday will be the most volatile for this asset. The US dollar is described in more detail in the EUR / USD pair. Wednesday - the weekly stocks of crude oil and the US GDP, Thursday is devoted to the number of drilling rigs (since Friday is a day off). In the near future, consolidation is expected within the above-mentioned corridor.

Only significant news from the US can move the price up / down. In the breakdown of $ 66.00 or $ 65.00, you can talk about the continuation of the trend, or a bearish move.

Market review, Mar 26 – Mar 30, 2018

Against the background of the strengthening of the British pound and the general support of Great Britain because of the excess with poisoning on the last week, the pair has updated the two-month lows. On Monday, the pound will support the gross volume of approved mortgage loans, and the data on business investment for the fourth quarter, GDP for the fourth quarter (quarter/quarter and year/year) will be released on Thursday.

Friday is also a day-off for the pound sterling. For EUR, you should see details in the EUR / USD pair. And in this pair, we can expect further strengthening of the British pound; how fast it will depend on how good news will be. Prior to the news, the consolidation will continue in the corridor 0,878-0,871.

Market review, Mar 26 – Mar 30, 2018


Gold did not lose the interest of investors throughout the last week and is currently trading at the highs of this month; the trade corridor is of $ 1350.00 - $ 1342.00. The beginning of the week is most often met by a small consolidation in many assets, and gold is no exception. Markets wake up and are preparing for trading; volatile news is not expected on Monday.

But from Tuesday the world will start reporting. Moreover, the Friday is a day off in many countries of the world due to the holiday, so all the load will go on Thursday. Trade wars of the US are beneficial to this asset. Will we see new highs this week? Maybe. It directly depends on the data from the US and how far the owner of the White House will go with his "duties." The general heat and increased risks strengthen the position of the gold asset.

Market review, Mar 26 – Mar 30, 2018

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