› MARKET REVIEW, MAR 05 – MAR 09, 2018

MARKET REVIEW, MAR 05 – MAR 09, 2018


Last Friday, on Trump's statement about his plans to introduce new tariffs for import of steel and aluminum, the Euro regained its position, thereby playing against the dollar. In the main currency pair, all attention will be focused on the plans of the American leader on new tarifs, that the EU has already responded with the possibility to black list 100 items of American goods. Also, on the 8th of March the ECB meeting is expected, the announcement of the rate and the briefing of Mario Draghi, for the latter investors will follow closely, but will the Super Mario bring a present in the hawk’s paws? Judging by Bloomberg polls, the cost will remain the same. Also on Friday, the report on unemployment in the non-agricultural sector of the States (NFP), past data has greatly strengthened the American topping forecasts. The price returned to the average values of the 20th of February, we can expect consolidation in the range of 1,234-1,230. Market participants are waiting for clarification on Trump new tarifs, elections in Italy, possible new elections in Germany, ECB rates, Draghi's performance, and NFP at the end of the week. The week is very interesting and tense, which promises to give enough signals for entry.

MARKET REVIEW, MAR 05 – MAR 09, 2018


This week is definitely worth paying attention to the country of the "Rising Sun". Having reached the minimum unemployment rate within the last century, with one of the most stable economies this year amid general aggressive volatility in the market. Inflation began to rise, but very slowly, and Kuroda has already began to talk about the normalization of monetary policy, gradually increasing the interest rate, also noting that this process will be gradual and calm. The yen took the leading position among the major currencies in terms of reliability, moreover, there is already a forecast of the eX-Deputy Minister of Finance of Japan, Eisuke Sakakibara, that the yen has all chances to reach 100.00. In any case, today the Japanese yen is one of the most reliable currencies, which in the long term is worth paying attention to. On Friday, the Bank of Japan will announce a decision on the interest rate, after that the chairman of the Central Bank, Haruhiko Kuroda, will have a brief. On the correction of the yen vs. dollar, it's definitely worth taking on the growth of the Japanese currency.

MARKET REVIEW, MAR 05 – MAR 09, 2018


In the light of recent events in the world, gold is gaining more and more attractiveness, especially this week. The pullback of the price, though not confidently, but already approached $1326. The reason for that is the "game against the dollar" of the American leader, who announced intention to introduce new tariffs on steel and aluminum, the EU has already responded that in the case of a positive decision by the US government and the introduction of duties into effect , the euro area will introduce a response fee for 100 American goods (the list is not yet known), after which Trump allowed the possibility of additional duties on cars of European brands of Mexican production. China also responded to the States with the restriction of soybean imports, Canada did not keep waiting and promised to respond with counter duties in the event of imposing duties on it. The possibility of trade wars is becoming more and more real. Plus, the Russian president last week ambiguously threatened with the renewed military arsenal, saying "You did not listen to us, listen now." Given the heat of passion in the world, investors will definitely be more at ease with the asset-refuge, which at all times was gold. The nearest time is expected to test $1326, then $1330. In the current situation there are all chances events there are all chances to reach $1332.

MARKET REVIEW, MAR 05 – MAR 09, 2018


After a week-long fall, oil has change the direction of its movement, and also formed the double bottom on the hourly time frame, this week's price increase will be promoted by the reduction in US inventories (in Cushing, Oklahoma), being the lowest for the last three years and for the 10th consecutive week. At the same time, the export of shale oil last month exceeded 2 million barrels per day, which is evidenced by the increased demand for American black gold in the world. Also, the price will be affected by the fact that the largest oil well in Libya has stopped production, thus provoking fears about a drop in supply, which will reduce the surplus. On the chart, we can expect a test of $61.80 with further growth and a bullish rollback to $62.55. Given investors' concerns about possible commodity wars, the dollar will not be able to exert strong pressure on oil in the near future.

MARKET REVIEW, MAR 05 – MAR 09, 2018

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