Despite few high-profile economic announcements from top-tier countries, financial markets were still pretty buoyant this week. In this article, we would like to present the review of the binary options market during the period from Jan 08 to Jan 12, targeting the prospects of major instruments.


Earlier this week brought the Bank Of Canada’s four-quarter 2017 Business Outlook Survey. Many positive results have been confirmed: the sales outlook remained healthy, while labor outlook also got a lift. Nevertheless, the Greenback bulls bellicosely came back into the fray on Monday, leading the US Dollar – Canadian Dollar pair to head higher regardless of the optimistic report.

There were no ‘high’ impact data releases on this Tuesday, therefore, the binary options market returned to be steady. EUR/USD’s sharp deterioration started a day before continued alongside both the Aussie – USD and the Kiwi – USD due to the US Dollar pushed higher. The Greenback – Loonie also posted a pick-up, as opposed to USD/JPY.

Wednesday this week saw UK’s Manufacturing Production m/m come in positively at 0.4%, rising 0.1% from the previous announcement of 0.3% and exceeding economists’ forecasts for an unchanged data. However, because USD bulls remained too aggressive, the British Pound – Greenback found itself seesawing on the outcome and then turning lower. The currency pair amounted to end up Tuesday’s sessions below its open.

In a separate development, U.S. Crude Oil Inventories data was divulged climbing to -4.9M from -7.4M. Howbeit, Oil prices didn’t react much to the release.
Thursday this week brought two high-profile economic announcements. Australia’s Retail Sales m/m was affirmed energetically advancing to 1.2% from its November level of 0.5%, sending the Australian Dollar higher versus its G10 FX counterparts. Meanwhile, the Greenback’s bullish momentum was hit because U.S. PPI m/m dropped below the no-growth level from the previous figure of 0.4%, underperforming analysts’ expectations of 0.2%. In all likelihood, binary options traders have found a great day going long on the Aussie – US Dollar currency pair. Gold prices were also fuelled due to the USD ascent halted.

By the end of this week, there were plenty of U.S. significant economic releases coming in, buoying the last New York trading session. The USD bulls had a sad day since most of the reports were confirmed falling from their previous levels: U.S. CPI m/m was broadcast at 0.1% from 0.4% exactly as it had been forecasted by financial specialists; the Core Retail Sales rate also slipped to 0.4% against its prior 1.0% but was still better than anticipation; the Retail Sales data declined 0.4% compared to the November rate of 0.8%. U.S. Core CPI m/m was the only sanguine release, which increased to 0.3% from the last announcement of 0.1%; however, it couldn’t save the day, and the Greenback still sharply weakened versus its FX namesakes. Most of the cross – USD pairs traded higher on Friday, especially EUR/USD. XAU/USD rose for the third day in a row.

This week was a negative affair for the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has spent most of the week falling versus its US cousin, trading in the $13,000 - $14,000 range on Friday.

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